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About The Brain Coach 
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The Brain Coach
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Various testing mechanisms will determine what areas of your brain may need a "tune up", or what physical body diseases may be causing the challenges you may be experiencing. The next step is to design a plan for a better you, and educate you regarding your brain's potential. I will guide you and support you through coaching, exercises, advice, constant contact, a regimen of nutrition and supplements, yoga, meditation, and referrals to other health professionals that can support and strengthen those areas through hypnosis, and other  modalities such as hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy and biofeedback.
My qualifications include: 2 years as research assistant in the departments of psychiatry and neurology at Thomas Jefferson University; 3 years of experience as a co-therapist doing group work; consultations with adults who have mild to moderate depression, anxiety, panic disorders, impulse control, emotional control, impulsiveness, conflict avoidance; 5 years of work toward my PhD in psychology; Masters Degree in Psychology, seminars and work with Debbie Ford, and Masters Class with Dr. Daniel Amen. 
 Phone: 484-947-2723
Location: Moyamensing Avenue, Philadelphia, PA
Hours: By appointment. Sunday hours also available.
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