The Brain Coach For Seniors - When your brain works right, you reap the rewards!
"The Fountain of Youth is Between Your Ears." 
(Dr. Daniel Amen) 

Are you feeling blue?
Are you experiencing anxiousness?
Do you have attentional problems?
Are negative thoughts taking over your life?
Do you become fixated on certain thoughts?
Are you restless?
Do you forget where you put your keys, parked your car, etc.?
Are you feeling like there is something wrong, but you can't put your finger on it?
 I give you the skills, so you won't have to take pills!
Your brain is the most important organ in your body. It impacts how you think, your emotional self, how you communicate, how you work, and your spiritual self . The above thoughts can be brain-based and work against you and your good health. Learn more about your brain, and optimize its potential. With some work, you can improve and balance your brain. When your brain does better, you do better. 

Get your report,  "Ten Pathways to Brain Health" - Things you can do to provide an excellent foundation for your brain health. Packed with valuable personalized information, it is my gift to you ABSOLUTELY FREE!
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I am very proud to announced that I am now an affiliate of Amen Clinics and the Wild Divine, the bio-feedback games that teach meditation to calm the mind and body. 

The Amen Clinics banner takes you to the place where you can examine and purchase Dr. Amen's products including Brain Health Supplements. Click on the banner and, after you reach this destination, just click "Store" and to the left click "Brain Health Supplements". A good deal of research has gone into insuring the quality and purity of these products. They far exceed any others on the market. Read about and select the appropriate supplement for you. I highly recommend Brain Power Basics, the ultimate brain AND body support supplement. Go shopping, and, should you decide to purchase an item, please use the code word "ECENTER408" to receive a 15% discount.  

Click the Wild Divine banner and it will take you to its website. As you explore this website you will hear about the benefits of this program from Dr. Deepak Chopra and other spiritual masters. Note the Bundle Packs (The Best of Wild Divine) on this page as well. They offer incredible bargains on games that will provide hours of instruction and entertainment for the whole family.


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